Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hair Cut and other updates

So, I went to get my hair trimmed on Saturday, and came home with hair that hasn't been this short since 2003. It's cute, but wow, really short.

I have realized that I am six months along, and still do not look pregnant. This is a bummer to me because I want to be all fat and uncomfortable. This baby has been too nice to me, and makes me wonder what my other children will do to make it miserable in the future.

I decorated the inside of my house for Halloween, and I have to say less is up this year than ever before. I may pull out all of the fall stuff too since I feel like I am letting my favorite holiday sit on the back burner.

Only two more weeks of work and then off for the season. Still debating if I am going to sub or if I will take the time off to get the house cleaned and ready for baby. Hmmm, the choices.

Thats all for now. Who knows what this week will bring!!!!!

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  1. I see the baby bump! What you talkin about willis?



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