Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids, funerals, and Virginia

Had a great weekend with Izzy and Odin, who came home for a short visit. We were all over to see family for the day and a half they were home. Saturday night was spent at my dad for pizza and a little hot tub time. Sunday morning we took Odin to church for the first time, and Izzy said some of the prayers (which makes this god mother realize she is doing her job!) We went to my moms for lunch to see the Kline and Etzinger grandparents, and then for the late evening we went to my in-laws house to see Dianne after her surgery. Izzy and Odin rode on the tractor and helped pick up corn! They went back home on Monday afternoon, and we won't see them again until probably Christmas which sucks!!!
On Saturday morning, my great uncle Bill passed away after a five month battle with various health issues. I know he is in a better place, but he was only 67, which is too young. The funeral was today, and it was nice to see so many cousins home to celebrate his life. He will be missed, but I know him, Susie, Donny, and Ralph are causing all kinds of trouble in heaven.

On Friday I leave to go to Virginia for a weekend away with my aunt and her family. Plan on seeing Alex cheer, Josh play football, and who knows what else. Should be a fun and quick weekend. I guess you can say this is the last trip I get to make before Baby Fought is here in January!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Sick

I cannot shake this stupid cold. I am stuffed up, coughing, tired, and cranky. Maybe I am pregnant!!! But really, working with these kids is making it real hard to get rid of this cold. I want to feel better now, and not worry about blowing/wiping my nose all the time. I should buy stock in Puffs right now!!!!!!
On a happier note, my crib came this week and I managed to get the siding cleaned too. I may buy pumpkins this weekend to decorate outside since it is looking a little sad. I have also been working on my list of things to do when laid off to prepare for baby, and it's getting a little long.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hair Cut and other updates

So, I went to get my hair trimmed on Saturday, and came home with hair that hasn't been this short since 2003. It's cute, but wow, really short.

I have realized that I am six months along, and still do not look pregnant. This is a bummer to me because I want to be all fat and uncomfortable. This baby has been too nice to me, and makes me wonder what my other children will do to make it miserable in the future.

I decorated the inside of my house for Halloween, and I have to say less is up this year than ever before. I may pull out all of the fall stuff too since I feel like I am letting my favorite holiday sit on the back burner.

Only two more weeks of work and then off for the season. Still debating if I am going to sub or if I will take the time off to get the house cleaned and ready for baby. Hmmm, the choices.

Thats all for now. Who knows what this week will bring!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Band and other things

So the past few months have been really crazy and hectic. First, we are having a baby in January and that is coming much faster than I thought it would. Second work sucks, but only three more weeks with kids and then I am free. I am helping with marching band this year again, and I feel over my head at times, but the kids make it all worth my while. Finally, I am glad it is fall because it is football season and I have something to do on Friday nights. Ahhh, May until the end of September has flown by, and the next four months I am sure will do the same!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you could interview one person who would it be and what would you ask them?

The one person I wish I could talk to just one more time would be my great-grandma, Lillian Whetsel. She passed away when I was in junior high and I only had the honor of meeting her twice and talking to her very little. I am told I look like her and have her attitude, but not knowing her is an upsetting thing. I wish I could of thought then to meet with her a couple more times to see who she was, what she did, and why she did things. Miss you grandma!

Last Day

If you had one day left to live what would you do? What would be your last meal?

If I had one day left to live, I would want to take a bunch of pictures of me with those I love so the memories can live on forever. I would also spend my last minutes with my hubby because he deserves to have me at my last breathe. My last meal would have to be something Italian or Chinese because both are so tasty and make me happy!


If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

If I was a crayon I would have to be black because I am a negative thinker, and I am always trying to hide the ugly in my life. I also like black because it is slimming and just about anything will go with it!


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