Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids, funerals, and Virginia

Had a great weekend with Izzy and Odin, who came home for a short visit. We were all over to see family for the day and a half they were home. Saturday night was spent at my dad for pizza and a little hot tub time. Sunday morning we took Odin to church for the first time, and Izzy said some of the prayers (which makes this god mother realize she is doing her job!) We went to my moms for lunch to see the Kline and Etzinger grandparents, and then for the late evening we went to my in-laws house to see Dianne after her surgery. Izzy and Odin rode on the tractor and helped pick up corn! They went back home on Monday afternoon, and we won't see them again until probably Christmas which sucks!!!
On Saturday morning, my great uncle Bill passed away after a five month battle with various health issues. I know he is in a better place, but he was only 67, which is too young. The funeral was today, and it was nice to see so many cousins home to celebrate his life. He will be missed, but I know him, Susie, Donny, and Ralph are causing all kinds of trouble in heaven.

On Friday I leave to go to Virginia for a weekend away with my aunt and her family. Plan on seeing Alex cheer, Josh play football, and who knows what else. Should be a fun and quick weekend. I guess you can say this is the last trip I get to make before Baby Fought is here in January!!!!

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