Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids, funerals, and Virginia

Had a great weekend with Izzy and Odin, who came home for a short visit. We were all over to see family for the day and a half they were home. Saturday night was spent at my dad for pizza and a little hot tub time. Sunday morning we took Odin to church for the first time, and Izzy said some of the prayers (which makes this god mother realize she is doing her job!) We went to my moms for lunch to see the Kline and Etzinger grandparents, and then for the late evening we went to my in-laws house to see Dianne after her surgery. Izzy and Odin rode on the tractor and helped pick up corn! They went back home on Monday afternoon, and we won't see them again until probably Christmas which sucks!!!
On Saturday morning, my great uncle Bill passed away after a five month battle with various health issues. I know he is in a better place, but he was only 67, which is too young. The funeral was today, and it was nice to see so many cousins home to celebrate his life. He will be missed, but I know him, Susie, Donny, and Ralph are causing all kinds of trouble in heaven.

On Friday I leave to go to Virginia for a weekend away with my aunt and her family. Plan on seeing Alex cheer, Josh play football, and who knows what else. Should be a fun and quick weekend. I guess you can say this is the last trip I get to make before Baby Fought is here in January!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being Sick

I cannot shake this stupid cold. I am stuffed up, coughing, tired, and cranky. Maybe I am pregnant!!! But really, working with these kids is making it real hard to get rid of this cold. I want to feel better now, and not worry about blowing/wiping my nose all the time. I should buy stock in Puffs right now!!!!!!
On a happier note, my crib came this week and I managed to get the siding cleaned too. I may buy pumpkins this weekend to decorate outside since it is looking a little sad. I have also been working on my list of things to do when laid off to prepare for baby, and it's getting a little long.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hair Cut and other updates

So, I went to get my hair trimmed on Saturday, and came home with hair that hasn't been this short since 2003. It's cute, but wow, really short.

I have realized that I am six months along, and still do not look pregnant. This is a bummer to me because I want to be all fat and uncomfortable. This baby has been too nice to me, and makes me wonder what my other children will do to make it miserable in the future.

I decorated the inside of my house for Halloween, and I have to say less is up this year than ever before. I may pull out all of the fall stuff too since I feel like I am letting my favorite holiday sit on the back burner.

Only two more weeks of work and then off for the season. Still debating if I am going to sub or if I will take the time off to get the house cleaned and ready for baby. Hmmm, the choices.

Thats all for now. Who knows what this week will bring!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Band and other things

So the past few months have been really crazy and hectic. First, we are having a baby in January and that is coming much faster than I thought it would. Second work sucks, but only three more weeks with kids and then I am free. I am helping with marching band this year again, and I feel over my head at times, but the kids make it all worth my while. Finally, I am glad it is fall because it is football season and I have something to do on Friday nights. Ahhh, May until the end of September has flown by, and the next four months I am sure will do the same!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


If you could interview one person who would it be and what would you ask them?

The one person I wish I could talk to just one more time would be my great-grandma, Lillian Whetsel. She passed away when I was in junior high and I only had the honor of meeting her twice and talking to her very little. I am told I look like her and have her attitude, but not knowing her is an upsetting thing. I wish I could of thought then to meet with her a couple more times to see who she was, what she did, and why she did things. Miss you grandma!

Last Day

If you had one day left to live what would you do? What would be your last meal?

If I had one day left to live, I would want to take a bunch of pictures of me with those I love so the memories can live on forever. I would also spend my last minutes with my hubby because he deserves to have me at my last breathe. My last meal would have to be something Italian or Chinese because both are so tasty and make me happy!


If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

If I was a crayon I would have to be black because I am a negative thinker, and I am always trying to hide the ugly in my life. I also like black because it is slimming and just about anything will go with it!

Mom and Dad

What is one trait that you got from your mom and dad that makes you who you are?

I would have to say the one trait I got from both of my parents is my crazy curly hair. Both of them have it, even though you would never know it! My dad has gone from the fro in high school, to the Billy Ray Cyrus look, to shaved, and now gray and short. My mom takes her time to hide the curls, but if she lets it go you can see the curls coming out. Thanks mom and dad for the curls and never having to pay for a perm!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My hubby

Write your favorite memory (good and bad) of your significant other

My favorite memory of my husband is our first kiss. He missed my mouth and we started laughing because it was not a good shot at all. I was glad he was not offended when I laughed, but he started to laugh to because he couldn't believe he blew it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


If you could go on vacation to any place, where would you go, with who and why?

The first place I want to go is back to Disney World with Mike and Izzy. Disney World is an amazing place that really does bring the child in you back out, and I would love to see Izzy's face when she sees the characters and all of the wonder of Disney. The second vacation I want to take is a three week tour of Europe to see the history of the world and all of the neat architecture and landscapes that are over there. Three weeks is just enough to make a dent in what is there, but it will feed my
appetite to adventure and see the world!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What's a gift you gave yourself that has kept on giving?

My favorite gift that I have purchased for myself and use for many things is my Cricut machine. I bought this in 2008 at the end of my time with migrant school as a reward for sticking it out and dealing with all of the crazy there. I use it to scrapbook, make posters, decorate my classroom and many other things. Yes, it was expensive at the time, and yes, it is much cheaper now, but I love my Cricut and would not be complete without it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If your life was a game what would it be called and why?

If I had to pick a game that is already created and sold in stores, I would go with Jenga or Kerplunk because both are about making the right choices so everything does not come crashing down. We live life on the edge and every choice we make has a direct effect on what will happen in the future and the present. Both games are about not having everything come crashing down and making the right move at the right time. If your not careful with Kerplunk, you can loose all your marbles and be left with a bunch of useless sticks!

Life Changer

What is one event, good or bad, that changed your life forever?

One of the biggest changes in my life happened in 2003 when I met my future husband Mike at the factory I was working at. He pushed me to achieve my goal of graduating from college with my degree in education, and he refused to marry me until I did so. He has pushed me to do things I would have given up on because I can be lazy and bullheaded when things do not go my way. We have had our fights, and still get on each others nerves about stupid things, but without him I wouldn't of achieved what I needed to. He is my rock, and I know that he will always be there to encourage and make me do what I need to do!

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Car

If you had to get a new car what would it be and why?

If I had to get a new car I want to get a 2010 Chevy Traverse because it is roomy, not too big, and to put kids in car seats is fairly easy. They are sharp looking, and it is better than most of the vans we tried out. I also like the red with leather interior because it cleans up easy and looks nice.

Now, if we are talking dreams cars, I want a Candy Apple Red 1962 Chevy Corvette Convertible. These are just sweet cars and I like how the engine is in the back. I saw one of these when I was a younger kid and knew this is the car I want to get one day just to have and drive.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The future

What are you looking forward to the most this year?

I am looking forward to hopefully starting a family and finding a full time job as a teacher. If I do not find a job, then I will be going back to work on my master's in some field of education. I hope that things fall into place soon, because I would love to teach and be a mommy. Both of these have been my dreams since I was a kid and to have both come true would be a blessing!


What advertisement makes you laugh every time you see it?

My favorite commercial is the Diet Pepsi commercial when it shows things going bad for people, yet they are "alright". I laugh the hardest though when the guy flips the electric circuit on and the other guy fly's across the screen off the ladder. His hair is smoking when the get up close with him and when he says he is "fine" his words are smoking. Funny stuff!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lesson Learned

What was a lesson you learned this year that changed you?

The one lesson I have learned this year is that no matter what you do for people or an organization, eventually they will screw you over and make you feel like what you do means nothing. I wish people would see that knowing those you work with and getting along with them is not a bad thing, but a way to keep the peace and make them comfortable. I thought teaching and coaching were for me, but it seems that because I care it makes others uncomfortable. I guess I will have to learn not to care and pretend that no one is important to me or my career, or at least that is what I have to learn to pretend to do.


What was your biggest belly laugh of the year?

It doesn't seem that I have had that belly laugh that takes my breath away and I can't talk moment yet. I know it has to be coming, because Izzy will be home this summer and that kid always makes me laugh about something. Either the way she says something, her facial expression, or just Izzy being Izzy, it always makes me laugh. Kids do that!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Car Ride

Think of a car ride you took recently. What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there? Who were you with?

The last major car ride I took was with Katey when we went to see "Wicked" in Toledo. I realize this is not that big of a car ride, but with Katey and I the possibilities are endless! We went to the Franklin Park Mall and saw a guy who had no idea how to drive his new stick shift car (idiot!), and then drove around Toledo looking for Stranahan because I had a D.A. attack. We ate at a Mexican resturant because when a pregnant lady has cravings you just eat where she wants, and we had ice cream cause she wanted that too! Our little adventure was worth it because "Wicked" was awesome and we both enjoyed our night out to our selves.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Changes at Home

What's the best change you made to the place you live? Post pictures!

So far we have not really made any major changes that would change how our house looks. We put a new roof on, but it is the same color for the most part. We have updated the wiring in some of the house, and Mike built new steps and shelves for our cellar. My wishes are to paint our bedroom, Izzy's room and really update the kitchen with new counters, cupboards, and tile floor. But we need money to do that and we don't have it now. When we do some of these things I will post before and after pictures to show you progress made!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Barbie-At My Age?!

OK, so how sad it this? Walking through Walmart tonight I see the new Barbie for Toy Story 3 and I realize I have to have it. I am 27 years old and still freak out at a new Barbie that I need, no NEED! I talk Mike into getting it for me for Christmas because I have the one from Toy Story 2 and need this one to keep the collection going. 27-really? I am freaking out over a doll. It was really cool, and my hubby got it for after looking at me like a big dork!!!!

Playing in the Park

On Thursday Katey and I took the kids Addison, Matthew and Izaac (Chris and Angie's boys) out to play in the parks of Elmore. These three kids are so photogenic and I had a blast chasing them with my camera. Here are some of the pictures I took while playing and enjoying a warm spring evening.


Write about a moment of peace. An hour or a day or a week of solitude, the state of your mind? How did you get there?

Oddly enough I had a moment of peace this morning when I woke up. It was starting to rain out and I still had the window open from over night, and then I heard thunder. I realized then I could lay in bed all day and listen to it storm because for me it is relaxing and a sound I love. Rain makes things clean again and I love the smell of a fresh rain. Also, I remember what a babysitter told me years ago as a kid: when it thunders God is laughing and when lightening strikes he is taking pictures. I realize that with wanting kids I need to find peace in little things, and the rain has always been a peaceful state of mind for me.

Friday, April 30, 2010

A night out

Did you have a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked your world? Who was there? What was the highlight of the night?

Last week I went out with a group of friends who are a newer addition to my life. It was a nice relaxing meal at Jed's with Stephanie, Amy, John, Terry, and Shannon. The best part was sitting there and just talking, and watching the guys harass the poor waitress the whole time. A night out with friends was a perfect moment for me to just relax and enjoy life.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Favorite Book

What is your favorite book (fiction or non-fiction)? What makes it so important to you?

My favorite book is "Please Stop Laughing At Me". This book is the life story of Jodee Blanco who was bullied from 5th grade through high school, and what she ended up doing with her life to overcome it. This story had me in tears because of the awful things that her peers could say and do to her. Bullying is such a big problem in schools now, and I don't think as parents/teachers/students realize the damage we are doing to those we are with everyday. I wouldn't say I was bullied in school, but I was picked on for my weight and odd family life. Kids only do what they learn from home, so be loving and respectful to your children and then in turn will show to the world what you have taught them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Favorite Restaurant

What is your favorite restaurant? What makes it so special and what do you like to order?

My favorite restaurant would have to Jed's Barbeque and Brew. The first time I ate there was when I was in college studying for my Geology final, and no I didn't drink, but some of the kids I was studying with did. This has now become one of our favorite places to eat since they have the best chicken balls (eat there and find out). The thing I will order every time I go there is the chicken balls in honey bbq sauce, but the toppings change with the special. Mike loves the garbage balls (nasty!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Favorite Vacation

What is the best trip you have ever been on? Why did you go and who did you go with?

We have been on many trips in the seven years Mike and I have been together, but the best ones are always when Izzy is with us.

My favorite vacation to date has to be our first big trip with Izzy to Chicago in 2007. We had so much fun seeing Navy Pier, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, riding the L-trains around Chicago, and all of the good restaurants. On this trip was Mike, Dianne, Izzy, and myself-and Izzy was a last minute addition to the trip, but she made it worthwhile. The best part was Izzy having her melt down while we were looking around the observatory deck in the Hancock Building.

My second favorite vacation happen in October 2009, when the four of us when to St. Louis for the day to see the town. We managed to see the Budweiser Brewery, Grant's Farm, and the St. Louis Arch in one day. It was beautiful outside for us to be walking around and seeing the sights. Our only reason for taking this trip was that we had to take Izzy home, and St. Louis was only 2 hours past my sister's house. Loved it and the free beer!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Soundtrack of my life

From Daily Blog Challenge on Facebook:

Write about the soundtrack of your life. What songs tell your story? Why are they important?

The soundtrack of my life is an eclectic joining of songs that should never go together, but somehow make up my crazy life story. "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd is my wedding song (my hubby picked it out), "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" by Tammy Wynette reminds me of my parents and how screwed up they are, "Hard Rock Candy Christmas" Dolly Parton because everyone has one favorite Christmas song from their childhood, and "Crazy Train" by the great Ozzy Osbourne because we all have those moments that drive us crazy now, but we can smile about later.

Blog Challenge #9

9. Share your favorite picture of spring

Spring means many things for me. First it is the start of farming season, so I loose my husband until early June because of planting beans and corn and getting things ready to take wheat off. Spring also means baseball and track, and the start of another season at TMC! My favorite part about spring though is the blossoms on trees, flowers in the ground, that smell of fresh rain, mowing the yard, and bonfires! I love when spring comes around because it means I can go outside, enjoy the nicer weather, and spend time with people I love.

Blog Challenge #8

8. Write about something you feel passionate about

There are many things I feel passionate about, and if you look on my Facebook page you will see that this is true. There are two things that I am really passionate about and that is: 1. Drug testing anyone who is on welfare or receiving any help from the government and 2. if we need a license to own a dog, to drive a car, and catch a fish, own and shoot a gun, then why not make people who have kids take a test to prove they can be a parent?

If your going to live off of the government and collect benefits/checks, you should have to be drug tested to prove that you are not wasting my time and money. If people who have jobs have to pee in a cup for random drug tests, so should anyone else getting money for their "job". Some people are so lazy and spend my tax money any way they want, that it feels like they live better than I can. Bull crap!

Has anyone noticed that the American society is getting dumber by the day? I think 95% of this is because anyone who can poke or spread their legs can have children, and these people should NOT BREED! You have to be cleared to own a gun and drive a car, but there are no worries about having children. Stupid people breed stupid children because the kids have no chance to be better than what they are brought into. We need to stop babies from having babies, because they are giving us a very selfish and irresponsible generation who will (scary as it sounds) one day one this country.

I'll step off of my soap box now. I realize that no child or parent is perfect, and I am far from it. But, if you have a brain, are not a child yourself, and realize what comes with sleeping with someone, it's not hard for you to see if you are able to handle having children.

Blog Challenge #7

7. Share something about your family

OK, so my family is certifiably crazy, but I love them. I have a great husband, Mike, who works hard to pay the bills and keep our house ours. My best friend, Katey, keeps me sane with all of our shenanigans and my niece (her daughter) Addison keeps me laughing. My niece Izzy and nephew Odin, even though I don't see them as much as I would like, they mean the world to me and I love them with all of my heart. My parents hate each other, but it makes life interesting I guess, and my in-laws are actually pretty cool. My sister-in-law Dianne beats Mike up for me on a weekly basis, my little brother Chris graduates this year (yikes!) and my sister Ashley likes far away with her kids (sucks).

Blog Challenge #6

6. What is your favorite saying or poem and why it is so?

"Yeah he's yelling about my tattoos, but we all live with the scars we choose.
They may hurt like hell, but they all make us stronger."
Sugarland-Take Me As I Am

I love this lyric from Sugarland because we all have to live with the choices we make, whether good or bad. Everyone comes damaged, broken, and with extra baggage that many people may not like, but it is ours. If we don't live life, then we have no stories to tell and no experiences to learn from. Some of my "tattoos" and "scars" are embarrassing to me, but if I didn't have them I wouldn't have learned to never do it again and move on.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Challenge #5

5. Write about something that has been on your mind lately

OK, so if the picture doesn't say it all, I have become obsessed with having a baby. I want to be a mom so bad, and I finally think I have my husband on board to start trying. Being a mom is natural to me since I helped raise my sister, brother and niece-and it is time I have my own. I love kids and cannot wait to have my own. This girl can only hope it happens soon because I am really impatient and my best friend and family want it to happen too!

Blog Challenge #4

4. Write about a goal you are working towards

One of the big goals I am working towards is getting my Master's degree in Education. I think I am going to go for Special Education and History because one should help me get a job, and the other is something I want to do. I love to teach, but Ohio requires a teacher to have their Master's within 10 years of receiving their Bachelor's. Really, you want another $30, 000+ from me? Because teachers are just rolling the dough, right? Ha! But I like working with kids and I don't know what else I would do with my life.

Blog Challenge #3

3. Write about something you do as a hobby

So, I have never been the crafty or artsy person in my family, I usually left that up to my sister. But when I started dating Mike, I realized I had a lot of neat pictures from our adventures, and I wanted to do something unique with them. From that point on I have been hooked on scrapbooking, because it allows me to show off my pictures in a way no one else can. I know it can expensive, my husbands lets me know quite often, but I love it and it lets me be creative and spend time with my best friend Katey.

Blog Challenge #2

2. Write about someone who inspires you.

When thinking about someone who inspires me, I realize that this has changed over the years, but there is only one person who really inspires me now. That would be my grandma Pat, who is living with Alzheimer's Disease. She has always been like a mom to me, and has been a huge influence on my life. It breaks my heart to watch her loose who she is everyday, but she will always be my grandma. I love her more than words will ever know, and no matter what she will always be grandma, even when I'm not Candi anymore. The one thing she has taught me is that you can live life, but the memories you make will be yours forever, so make the most out of them while you can. Love you grandma!

Blog Challenge #1

1. Write or post pictures of something new that is going on with you or your family.

Wednesday night my husband got a call from his sister and mom saying that there was going to be a trip to New York City this summer with a group from Oak Harbor. I am so excited because I have wanted to go to New York City for a long time and this is my chance to see it. The history and sights excite me beyond belief, and I get to go with my in-laws and hubby. This will definitely be new and exciting for me, and August cannot come fast enough. My poor camera is going to be used to the extreme during this trip, and I can't wait to post all of the cool pictures!

I'm going to try the Blog Challenge

Thanks to my best friend Katey, I am going to try and participate in the Blog Challenge, because I love to write and hope that someone finds me amusing. This should be interesting for me because I have a sad/sick sense of humor and need an outlet for it, so let me know what you think!


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