Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Challenge #4

4. Write about a goal you are working towards

One of the big goals I am working towards is getting my Master's degree in Education. I think I am going to go for Special Education and History because one should help me get a job, and the other is something I want to do. I love to teach, but Ohio requires a teacher to have their Master's within 10 years of receiving their Bachelor's. Really, you want another $30, 000+ from me? Because teachers are just rolling the dough, right? Ha! But I like working with kids and I don't know what else I would do with my life.


  1. Teachers are the most underpaid professionals ever! Someday when we win the lotto you wont have all that debt from school.

  2. I agree with Katey! Teachers shape our youth, and should make a lot more then they do. However, if that was the case people would get into teaching because of the money and not because they truly care about children. So I'm not sure there's a solution.



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