Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Changer

What is one event, good or bad, that changed your life forever?

One of the biggest changes in my life happened in 2003 when I met my future husband Mike at the factory I was working at. He pushed me to achieve my goal of graduating from college with my degree in education, and he refused to marry me until I did so. He has pushed me to do things I would have given up on because I can be lazy and bullheaded when things do not go my way. We have had our fights, and still get on each others nerves about stupid things, but without him I wouldn't of achieved what I needed to. He is my rock, and I know that he will always be there to encourage and make me do what I need to do!

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I have been married to Mike for five years and we have a goofy almost three year old named Robert, and one due on December 18th! I am a teacher, looking for the right school to teach at!